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The late great Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones.

Anonymous asked:

But I think that you are sweet & love your blog!

thanks, i guess..

Anonymous asked:

I truly don't mean to sound condescending, but your obsession with Brian seems unhealthy. If he hadn't died tragically do you think you would still feel the same? Maybe he would have been 90 wearing eyeliner playing halftime shows by now and you would be repulsed. Perhaps focus on your other blog or activities instead of constantly flooding your system with images of a dead celebrity. Seriously not trying to offend or sound rude/unsympathetic, but nothing can come of your longings unfortunately.

I still like the rolling stones even though they’re old. I’m pretty sure I’d still like Brian. This is just my side blog, just for Brian fans. I do have a personal one where I post other things. I’ve just lost a lot of friends and I have no one to talk to..but okay..

is it pitiful that whenever i feel sad, like i do now, that i wish i could talk to Brian? sigh….like he’d care what i had to say right? he wouldn’t…

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